Ever since the dawn of man there has existed the 3Guys1Wii Smash Tourney! This unique way of battling through epic brawls is a sure way to have a good time with a large group of people! All you need is Super Smash Bros Brawl for the Nintendo Wii and guts to make it through and be the true victor. If you want to know how to play or watch our 2010 3Guys1Wii Smash Tourney, then look below and enjoy!


The in-game rules must first be changed to single stock matches with stage selection set to random. Then, the following list should help you and your party make your way through the tourney. If you need further description, check out the video to the right.

  1. All contestants will start on Mario. You don't necessarily have to have all characters unlocked
  to have a 3Guys1Wii tournament.

  2. The winner of each round progresses one character to the left and the losers of the round
  stay on their current character for the next match.

  3. After winning as a character at the end of a row, the winner will progress to the leftmost
  character in the next row down.

  4. After a contestant wins a match as the very bottom left character (Lucas if you have unlocked
  them all), then they win the tournament.


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